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Immigrating to the US 101: Childhood in Romania with Cal Militaru

The topic of immigration is a difficult one. Perhaps now more than ever. I give you full permission to let yourself listen in to this story with the heart of compassion you already know is beating hard for humanity right now and be brave enough to ask questions and talk to people. EVEN if they may not agree with you.

“You can be open to people and not judge them about their background. Travel somewhere new that exposes you to new cultures - Cal Militaru

Cal and I discuss what impact growing up in Romania had on him as a child. With parents that cared for his future they encouraged him in many ways. This conversation was deeply meaningful to me due to my long time love of history and how its events shape people from all different walks of life.

Episode 07 - Listen Now

In This Episode…

Growing up in Romania during Communism + Immigrating to America

  • [00.56] Welcome to the Roundtable Cal Militaru

  • [01.45] Romania under Nicolae Ceaușescu

  • [03.00] Asylum to the U.S. granted

  • [04.03] Crossing the Atlantic from Rome to New York City

  • [05.30] Becoming a people without a country at 15

  • [07.32] All the languages echoed in Queens

  • [11.30] Getting independent from the government as fast as possible

  • [14.42] Driving around in a 1975 Dodge Dart

  • [15.00] I had family that died in the Romanian Revolution

  • [17.56] My father's job in Romania working with isotopes

  • [20.00] My mom was a map cartographer

  • [21.28] A passion for model trains came from the train yard

  • [22.30] If you wanted the "better life" you had to join the party

  • [26.00] My dad could see the writing on the wall and wanted better for us

  • [26.31] Religion in the country was a way to spy on people

  • [27.20] Voice of the Martyrs emerged through a Romanian Immigrant

  • [32.00] ...nobody ever saw him or mentioned his name again

  • [34.00] I was kicked out of school for planning on going to America

  • [36.00] Becoming a citizen in 1984 - the proudest moment of my life

  • [39.00] The privilege of being born in America

  • [41.00] Detained in London during backpacking trip to Europe

  • [43.30] Shanty towns in Germany and other refugee difficulties

  • [44.00] The human mind is easily manipulated

  • [48.30] The hard topic of immigration and it's effects on a country

  • [51.00] The people that came to North America were willing to work hard

  • [57.30] My family history and the Armenian Holocaust

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Cal Militaru was our guest today. You can follow Cal on Instagram

Episode 07 - Listen Now

Episode Length: 72 mins

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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The most incredible story of immigrating as a teenager to America and what it means to a life to walk through living in communist government

Listen to others experience. Historical truth can't be glossed over.

Look at History, socialism failed every time.

Thanks so much for listening!


By the way, did you know Cal Militaru was an artist? Check out some of the beautiful work he's done.

*Note that sole copyright to the associated artworks are fully retained by the artist. Any unauthorized reproduction or commercial use is in violation of U.S. copyright law.

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