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Episode 27 - A Conversation on Grief- With Beau Euton, Maggie Rhine and Kim

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Welcome Back to Lancelot's Roundtable Season 3.

In This Episode…

My special guests Beau, Maggie, Kim and I dive in to the intense and agonizing topic of grief. Whether or not you've experienced harrowing grief. Whether or not you've experienced the excruciating loss of something dear to you. You are not going to want to miss this episode. On today's Roundtable, we look in to the abyss of grief and try to make some sense of of the deep pain we sometimes must walk through.

  • 00:02:40 - Grief Episode Intro

  • 00:06:28 - Diving in to grief

  • 00:09:00 - Maybe don’t use the phrase ‘at least’

  • 00:13:08 - Kim share’s about getting ‘The Call’

  • 00:16:55 - Beau shares some of her grief journey

  • 00:19:02 - Something Jocko Willink said about what grief can be like

  • 00:20:17 - Maggie shares a quote about what grief is like

  • 00:21:42 - Maggie talks about the psychological definition of grief and how grief isn’t just related to death. Every loss deserves grief

  • 00:23:22 - Any loss (no matter how small) allows us to practice grieving

  • 00:25:25 - You need to tell the story as you process grief

  • 00:27:21 - Barbara Brown Taylor Quote about relearning how to sit with yucky emotions

  • 00:28:58 - Beau shares a story about sitting with, feeling and processing grief\sadness

  • 00:31:33 - Maggie talks about taking risk and not avoid the pain and learning how to process feelings

  • 00:33:46 - Beau explains Pre-grieving or anticipatory grieving (article?)

  • 00:35:13 - We talk about grief, faith, Jesus, anger, bitterness, etc.

  • 00:38:02 - Beau explains you can’t always be prepared, sometimes it REALLY just sucks

  • 00:45:59 - Grieving for and then forgiving people as a full process

  • 00:52:06 - Maggie talks about the importance of validating

  • 00:54:10 - Maggie tells us about ‘Core Longings’

  • 00:59:26 - Addressing the layers of grief as an individual

  • 01:06:00 - Bitterness other negative things and how it affects you when grieving is hard

  • 01:12:05 - The importance of learning to fail

  • 01:14:41 - Tips for getting out of the ‘quick sand’ of un-ending grief

  • 01:19:10 - Ryan Manion does the Marine Marathon for her brother Travis

  • 01:23:40 - Closing thoughts, finding the beauty through the road of grief

  • 01:30:57 - Maggie is the Executive Director of the Healing Care Center


Learning to walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor

Healing Care Center:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs -

Episode Length: 1 hour 37 minutes

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