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Episode 30 - An Adventure to Europe - With Romy Nos

In This Episode…

I'm happy to welcome Romy Nos to the Roundtable. Years ago when I was about to finish College, Romy and I took the plunge and decided to take a trip to Europe for a month. In this episode we recount what led us to make the decision to go on this adventure, the countries we visited and our experiences on our adventure.

Episode Minutes:

  • 00:04:20 - Welcoming Guest

  • 00:07:49 - Romy and I talk about how our friendship started

  • 00:08:49 - When we started talking about going on a Europe trip

  • 00:10:42 - Romy’s mindset leading up to leaving for the trip

  • 00:12:40 - Romy and I talk about in intense change from college to full time job life

  • 00:17:40 - Starting to prepare for the trip

  • 00:22:10 - Romy’s thoughts around friendship and risking in friendships

  • 00:26:27 - Romy talks about losing a friend and the pain of that loss

  • 00:29:46 - We discuss continuing to prepare for the trip

  • 00:33:52 - We arrive in Europe and our memories in the first city we visited, Paris

  • 00:42:27 - Romy’s favorite memory from Paris

  • 00:46:06 - We go to Rome

  • 00:54:17 - Off to the Italian Cinque Terre

  • 01:05:51 - Our next stop in Zurich, Switzerland

  • 01:07:00 - Staying in a hostel for the first time

  • 01:13:57 - Dealing with some conflict and expensive gummy bears in Zurich

  • 01:25:00 - Arriving in London, Lance is detained at the airport

  • 01:32:00 - Conflict in Madrid, Spain

  • 01:35:18 - Off to Edinburgh, Scotland

  • 01:38:51 - Lance’s closing thoughts

  • 01:40:56 - Romy’s closing thoughts


Places and things we mention in the show:

  1. Tour de Espana (Which is actually called ‘La Vuelta’

  2. Museum in Madrid, Spain


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Episode Length: 1 hour 46 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!


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