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Season 3 Premier - Episode 26 - Shorin-Ryu Karate - With Master Jon Bennett

Episode 26 - Listen Now Link

Welcome Back to a brand new Season of Lancelot's Roundtable.

In This Episode…

It's the season premier of Season 3. I'm so excited to welcome Master Jon Bennett who taught me Karate. The particular style of karate - Shorin-Ryu comes from Okinawa. I trained under Jon during my mid to late teens.

I'm incredibly proud of this episode and thrilled to be able to share it.

  • 00:03:04 - Episode Intro

  • 00:05:25 - Jon’s start in karate

  • 00:10:17 - Jon Training after coming back from combat

  • 00:11:42 - What is a kata?

  • 00:17:08 - Similarities between Shotokan and Shorin-ryu Karate

  • 00:19:50 - Jon share his thoughts on the benefits of karate

  • 00:28:40 - You’re never the best. You can always be better

  • 00:31:49 - Benefit of learning to ignore discomfort in self defense

  • 00:34:16 - Having a Sensei/teacher who taught for the love of the art and not for a job

  • 00:37:15 - Drive, determination, focus and a kicking competition

  • 00:43:40 - Improving yourself, keeping ego in check

  • 00:46:10 - Some unique things about Matsubyashi Shorin-Ryu karate and the bonds between practitioners

  • 00:49:12 - Differences in how folks viewed belt colors

  • 00:55:04 - Having Goals for students to hit

  • 00:56:51 - Be the belt you want to be; don’t care about the belt you are (a philosophy life lesson)

  • 01:00:55 - Closing thoughts


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Episode Length: 1 hour 9 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!


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1 hour 9 min

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