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Episode 28 - Becoming an Artist- With Sam Brieck


Welcome Back to Lancelot's Roundtable Season 3.

In This Episode…

I'm joined by local freelance artist Sam Brieck. For this episode I asked Tony Garner and Brandon Jenkins from episode 18 to join as special guest co-hosts. Together we take a deep dive in to Sam's journey in becoming a freelance artist. It's a fascinating story of how Sam has worked to learn, hone and challenge his skills as an artist. We also discuss balancing having a family while working as an artist. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode.

Episode Minutes:

  • 00:03:00 - Grief Episode Intro

  • 00:04:25 - Sam takes us through how he got started doing art

  • 00:06:22 - Sam Goes to Commercial Art Career Center and chooses to embrace the challenge

  • 00:12:34 - Tony asks Sam if his creativity got crushed during the experience; Sam talks about the process of get ego and creativity crushed and then how his abilities were re-built

  • 00:16:18 - Sam talks about learning art at Columbus College of Art & Design pushing him to expand his skills even further

  • 00:20:48 - The importance of being pushed to be better and embracing that challenge

  • 00:21:25 - What post college life was like; working some interesting/mundane jobs (toxic job and some chill jobs)

  • 00:25:12 - Sam starts Freelance work

  • 00:27:32 - Upright Press Jess Hinshaw; doing poster shows and networking

  • 00:30:19 - Sam explains screen printing

  • 00:37:22 - Sam talks about the art Sam-the-artist does; his art will be on a pen and paper RPG with Wet Ink Games

  • 00:39:55 - Sam talks about the difference in creating personal art versus art for work; when you’re art project surprises you

  • 00:44:31 - Sam discusses how gratifying it is seeing people getting lost looking at your art

  • 00:47:06 - Sam explains his work process; the importance of taking your time in the process and doing the preparation

  • 00:52:57 - Sam talks about the different kinds of art he produces (digital/physical)

  • 00:57:19 - Sam gets in to the vulnerability of getting the art out of you and putting it out in to the world

  • 01:01:01 - Tony talks about the first time he put an piece of his art in an auction

  • 01:03:26 - Tony and Sam discuss ideas around keeping or destroying art that you aren’t happy with; whether or not Sam should consider getting rid of his ancient artwork

  • 01:08:40 - How you can find Sam

  • 01:19:50 - Sam announces a new big project coming 2023 Holiday Season

  • 01:21:01 - Commissioning Sam for some art

  • 01:22:14 - Closing/final remarks


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Finding/Contacting Sam:

Episode Length: 1 hour 27 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!


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