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Music as Experience 101: Charles Roman a.k.a. St. Chrls

We love talking to creatives! This episode with St. Chrls brought with it so many useful insights about music and creativity.

"Worship is one of the biggest passions in my life! I am an artist, a songwriter, a son, a brother, an uncle, a friend - I'm just me!"

― Charles Roman

Episode 16 - Listen Now

In This Episode…

Creating brings a life and a fire to the soul. Imaging the Creator in creativity is an honor and a privilege.

  • [02.40] Welcome Charles

  • [03.30] I reveal my weakness in geography

  • [04.19] Who is Charles Roman

  • [10.20] Work-life experience

  • [15.30] The best time of his life at FSU

  • [17.33] Young and wide-eyed

  • [19.00] When your lane still isn't defined

  • [20.50] Dreams and responsibilities

  • [27.40] Dealing with disappointment

  • [31.15] When the vocals came back

  • [34.10] When faith is the lifeline

  • [37.16] Heart repair

  • [41.40] When the lane God picks makes sense

  • [45.07] How Orion came about

  • [50.01] What’s the Wyld Way Podcast?

  • [55.42] Creativity out of life experience

  • [57.15] The tension of creativity and making an income

  • [59.00] Surrounding yourself with a creative community

  • [61.30] Not waiting for it to be perfect

  • [62.00] You never know who you may be helping

  • [65.00] Creativity is a form of worship

  • [68.14] Surrendering in the heartache

  • [75.11] Final thoughts from Charles Roman

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

The incredible St. Charles was our guest today. You can follow him here


Episode 16 - Listen Now

Episode Length: 77 mins

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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"Take the time to live, to be where you’re at - your gonna need that experience for the next endeavor”- Charles Roman

Thanks so much for listening!


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