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Episode 17 - Afghan Refugees 101 - with Special Guests Jana & Kristi

-Afghan Refugees 101: With Evacuation Team One’s Kristi & Jana

We enjoyed learning from two individuals who are passionate about rescuing people in great need.

“Can you get me evacuated - because we’re being hunted?” -anonymous

Episode 17 - Listen Now

In This Episode…

We learn that there is a lot we can do to provide significant aid with minimal effort to people in crisis

  • [01.14] Where I was when 911 happened

  • [03.22] Intro Jana & Kristi

  • [07.24] Kristi shares about her heart for refugees

  • [10.50] “I wanted to go get them and take them home”

  • [12:48] Life unraveled and a move to Afghanistan

  • [14.45] The difference in culture

  • [20.31] It’s about the people who are there

  • [23.47] How fast life was actually deteriorating

  • [25.45] Combat interpreters wanted their families safe

  • [31.50] Motivated to leave because things are that bad

  • [34.02] People successfully evacuated to safety

  • [36.33] The paperwork process discussion

  • [41.08] Catch 22 of what you need to get out

  • [48.10] Staying alive for 800 days while a visa is processed?

  • [50.10] A woman’s rights advocate trying to get 100 people out

  • [51.30] Being on the slaughter list

  • [55.47] The humanitarian crisis of starvation

  • [60.00] What happens to the kids, especially girls?

  • [65.00] What can you do to help people?

  • [67.00] Keeping people out of refugee camps

  • [77.00] Stories of families that need help right now

  • [88.00] Closing thoughts


Links to People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

  • Sponsor a Family

  • Donate Air Miles

Kristi and Jana were our guests today. You learn more about their non-profit on facebook here Evacuation Team One

Episode 17 - Listen Now

Episode Length: 96 mins

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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“These are people like you and me, who decided to take a stand… and got left behind.” - Kristi

“We have a chance to make a huge difference for these people” -Jana

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