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Life as a Police Officer 101: With Local First Responder Colin Phillips

Episode 11 - Listen Now

Experiencing the day to day of life as a cop in Central Ohio.

Chatting with Colin was an eye opening conversation. So thankful for his service in our city.

When you can acknowledge there are things you don’t know. Seek to learn. Be humble and become a student. As you learn you will position yourself to be better prepared for the unknown. This episode taught me this and so much more.

In This Episode…

What It's like to work as a first responder in Central Ohio

  • [01.30] An early interest of mine

  • [02.39] I Introduce Colin

  • [04.09] Colin shares how he got into policing

  • [08.06] A brief six years in the army

  • [09:30] How policing differs from The Military

  • [14.30] The educational process

  • [17.00] The competitive market of policing

  • [25.00] Multiple types of police academy

  • [25.30] Knowing how to find the details of a law

  • [30.10] The common 40% accuracy of a call

  • [38.45] What kind of heart does it take to be a good cop?

  • [43.50] Why extra training is important

  • [48.00] The only fight to win is one you're not in

  • [50.20] The benefit of Ju-Jitshu

  • [52.38] There's always someone bigger and tougher than you

  • [54.00] Best home defense is having a plan and talking about it

  • [60.02] Talking about respecting home security weapons

  • [78.02] Talking to your kids about human trafficking

  • [89.02] Final words from Colin Phillips

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

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Episode Length: 74 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

Download Officer Phillip's Safety Goals Checklist

Safety Goals Checklist - LRT
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"If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you're already a success." - Jack Canfield
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Lance is a blogger and podcaster encouraging others to be a listener and a learning in the things we don't yet know about.
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