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Intellectual Spirituality Part 2 - with Jason Spears & Christopher Dean

-Creators of Truthfully Armed -

Diving deeper into why Christianity is a knowledge-based belief system.

Episode 15 - Listen Now

From movies to robots and throwing out blind faith, this episode covers so many topics in a new light.

Jason, Christopher, and I pick up where we left off in episode 14 and get right into the scientific evidence of a global flood, disruption of the created order and our DNA, and the cons of transhumanism.

In This Episode…

A discussion of Biblical worldview and how it changes the way your brain operates in the current culture wars.

  • [01.14] Picking up where we left off with part 1

  • [02.30] Back to the flood

  • [05.36] Christianity is not about blind faith

  • [06.06] The scientific evidence of a global flood

  • [12:08] The hydrologic cycle was different before the flood

  • [19.10] How did so many people come from Adam 7 Eve?

  • [25.00] The understanding of God’s created order

  • [30.53] We are so dependent on technology now

  • [35.30] If I could only have more tech

  • [40.50] There’s robots in Bambi?

  • [42.00] When movies mess with your brain

  • [44.43] What is transhumanist thinking?

  • [47.44] What happens if we lose our humanity?

  • [52.50] Anytime we ignore a natural boundary line

  • [54.38] Technology cannot replace a relationship with the Creator

  • [64.00] Has evil corrupted our DNA?

  • [66.40] Christianity is a knowledge-based belief system

  • [70.00] I share the purpose behind season 2

  • [87.00] Orienting ourselves from the right fixpoint

  • [94.00] We don’t realize the emotional appeals made to us

  • [102.00] A taste of Truthfully Armed podcast content

  • [115.00] Closing thoughts


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Episode Length: 117 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!


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"Fear is not the language of the Father" - Jason Spears

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– Lance, Host of Lancelot's Roundtable

Lance is a blogger and podcaster encouraging others to be a listener and a learning in the things we don't yet know about.
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