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Intellectual Spirituality Part 1 - with Jason Spears & Christopher Dean

-Creators of Truthfully Armed -

The first in a two part Intellectual conversation with the founders of Truthfully Armed. 

I could talk with Christopher and Jason for days. We had so much fun getting into some interesting topics. I always learn something new with these two!

"Don't be afraid to make a small risk and put yourself out there...It could change a person's life."

― Jason Spears

Episode 14 - Listen Now

In This Episode…

Recociling beliefs with reality is a difficult challenge

  • [01.40] Welcome Jason & Christopher

  • [02.41] First garden at 18 in my windowsill

  • [03.00] It's important to be connected to our food

  • [04.20] Gardening was how Liz and Michael met

  • [05.30] What are newspaper starters

  • [07.33] Nitrogen and carbon

  • [11.00] Tilling up grass and using a tarp for a big garden

  • [13.50] Potential seed shortage inspired change

  • [15.40] Start small and learn as you go

  • [16.15] Starter plants at Marcs

  • [17.10] What are great starter plants?

  • [20.16] Companion planting & Booklist

  • [21.40] Building raised beds

  • [23.25] Darn you El Nino

  • [24.31] Where to put your raised beds

  • [26.42] The health of the soil microbiome

  • [27.15] What is a cover crop?

  • [30.00] Jason shares on Genesis.

  • [36.50] Genesis anticipates objections from the very beginning.

  • [38.00] Polytheism & Pantheism.

  • [39.00] The true reason why there is evil in the world.

  • [42.30] It's a lie that God gave us a million no's.

  • [44.00] How we learned to destroy ourselves.

  • [46.30] The western mind rarely takes a supernatural worldview seriously.

  • [48.00] an·te·di·lu·vi·an - of or belonging to the time before the biblical Flood.

  • [53.10] Christopher shares on Genesis

  • [55.40] right away we hear of salvation through faith

  • [58.10] You can actually be a Bible believing christian and not look like a moron.

  • [60.40] There's a correlation between intelligence and faith - Christianity is a knowledge based system.

  • [62.10] God has an expectation for you to use your mind to come to logical and reasonable conclusions. "God is a logical rational being."

  • [65.30] What does it mean to become a man?

  • [68.09] Sin - missing the mark - leads to death.

  • [70.00] God can't tolerate the least bit of corruption - this equals holiness.

  • [71.20] Church - what it is today vs. what it should be

  • [73.10] Devil - the accuser constantly pointing out even the smallest corruption in us.

  • [76.00] Titles vs. names

  • [78.00] Christ comes and serves and then is elevated.

  • [79.00] Angels - the Hebrew term means messenger. Celestial beings come in different ranks and classifications.

  • [84.30] Celestial beings showing up on the earth.

  • [87.00] Look for Chuck Missler - start with Genesis

  • [98.00] Final thoughts

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Including Truthfully Armed's website

  • Truthfully Armed

  • Ken Hovend

  • Dr. Michael Heiser

  • The Devil's Advocate

  • Corrupting the Image by Doug Hamp

  • Jason & Christopher's Booklist

- Chuck Missler

- JP Morland

- Lee Strobel

- Dr. Michael Heiser

-Steve Quill & Tom Horn

Jason Spears & Christopher Dean were our guests today. You can follow them here

Operation Red Pill Podcast launching soon!

Episode 14 - Listen Now

Episode Length: 95 mins

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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"Don't be afraid to make a small risk and put yourself out there...It could change a person's life."

-Jason Spears

Thanks so much for listening!

– Lance, Host of Lancelot's Roundtable

Lance is a blogger and podcaster encouraging others to be a listener and a learning in the things we don't yet know about.
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