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Health 101: Fitness With Darren Boykin

Starting the journey of fitness was such a long learning curve for me and my hope is this episode with Darren helps you avoid my mistakes - LANCE FOULIS

I have a bit of experience going to the gym and lifting; I lifted religiously in my younger years. I took a few things away from that season, but this guy blew me away. Darren's philosophy of fitness rings true to the everyday person and I'm a big fan of his story and how he strategically approaches fitness. He's has such a smooth wisdom when he talks about working out, and it's clear there's a whole lot of tools and tips to learn from this man who takes a healthy approach to wellness. In this episode he shares loads of ways to start the game plan of building it into everyday life. Do you or someone you know want to improve your fitness habits? Think about sending them this episode.

In This Episode…

Working out as a beginner - what to do and what not to do

  • [01.30] I share my first experiences working out

  • [03.00] Welcome to the Roundtable - Darren Boykin

  • [04.00] Darren's history in fitness

  • [08.55] Building muscle vs. losing weight

  • [10:42] Making small changes over time

  • [18:50] The why behind working out

  • [20.00] Fitness is a journey and takes a game plan

  • [27.00] Make sure to have fun

  • [31.30] No matter what age having a game plan

  • [33.10] How to conquer cravings

  • [39.00] Balanced living in fitness

  • [44.27] Philosophy of positivity with your body

  • [50.44] Training to understand the why

  • [52.20] Take steps to overcome your ego

  • [53.38] When the game plan starts to pay off

  • [54.00] Fitness in relationship changes the game

  • [60.02] A challenge from Lance

  • [60.02] Final words from Darren

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Darren Boykin was our guest today. You can follow Darren on Instagram

Click here for Darrens links to music, coaching, amazon deals, and equipment.

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Episode Length: 74 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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