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Gardening 101: Starting a Family Garden with Michael & Liz

The topic of gardening is loved by so many. From potato tips to getting rid of squat bugs, you'll find a few new favorite ways to get your family garden started. We had so much fun talking with Michael and Liz about this topic. We know you'll love this episode as much as we do.

This vibrancy is something that a machine or harvester doesn’t have. From my standpoint … I believe that if food is grown and prepared with love … infused with love … well, it can be the humblest of food, but because it’s prepared with love, it’s special.”

― Valerie Phipps

Episode 12 - Listen Now

In This Episode…

Growing your own food as a family and learning new things every year

  • [01.40] Welcome to the Michael & Liz

  • [02.41] First garden at 18 in my windowsill

  • [03.00] It's important to be connected to our food

  • [04.20] Gardening was how Liz and Michael met

  • [05.30] What are newspaper starters

  • [07.33] Nitrogen and carbon

  • [11.00] Tilling up grass and using a tarp for a big garden

  • [13.50] Potential seed shortage inspired change

  • [15.40] Start small and learn as you go

  • [16.15] Starter plants at Marcs

  • [17.10] What are great starter plants?

  • [20.16] Companion planting & Booklist

  • [21.40] Building raised beds

  • [23.25] Darn you El Nino

  • [24.31] Where to put your raised beds

  • [26.42] The health of the soil microbiome

  • [27.15] What is a cover crop?

  • [30.00] Land needs rest the same way people do.

  • [31.30] Putting a whole potato in the ground

  • [38.00] Moving on from potatoes

  • [39.00] How to use a Clyde's Garden Planner

  • [47.30] Growing pumpkins

  • [50.00] Keeping pests out of the garden

  • [52.30] Getting rid of squash bugs

  • [58.00] Permaculture

  • [60.10] Spiders and snakes are your friends

  • [59.40] Gardening brings the family together

People and Companies We Mentioned in the Show

Including Liz's booklist

Michael and Liz Signoracci were our guests today. You can follow them here

@good_tilled_earth @mikes_outdoor_adventure

Episode 12 - Listen Now

Episode Length: 67 mins

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!

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“Maybe a person’s time would be as well spent raising food as raising money to buy food.“ ― Frank A Clark

Thanks so much for listening!


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