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Episode 25 - Family Small business, Taking Risks and a Bit of Politics - With Beau Euton

Episode 25 - Listen Now Link

Growing up in a family that owns a small business, venturing into risks, and talking politics.

I’ve looked forward to talking to Beau for a long time. She is a ‘Jack of all trades’. Beau grew up in Appalachia in a family that owned a small business. She has lived and worked in the crazy world of politics and she works with incredibly innovative entrepreneurs. I’m excited for you to get to know Beau.

In This Episode…

We take a plunge into learning about, growing up in rural America, small business owners, innovative entrepreneurs, and good old-fashioned hard-working folks

  • [00.00] Podcast Introduction

  • [00.57] Opening comments and guess introduction

  • [03.06] Growing up in Appalachia

  • [05.08] Growing up in a secure environment

  • [06:10] Beau’s two experiences of failure

  • [08.48] The reality of failure, grieving, and the death of a parent

  • [11.10] Being a township trustee

  • [15.23] Informing yourself in the political space

  • [17.01] Getting involved in your community

  • [19.56] Researching politicians

  • [23.40] State's rights and Federal rights

  • [28.28] Why can’t either side talk to each other

  • [33.21] The importance of conversation

  • [37.13] Talking with neighbors

  • [41.00] Beau talks about a new video game being developed

  • [46.56] For some of us (me), it’s hard to take the leap and make a big decision

  • [48.41] Challenges in rural America

  • [53.51] Closing remarks


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Episode Length: 59 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!


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