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Episode 19 - Corporate Work Life 101: With Natalie Baldwin

Pandemic Virtual Work Life 101: With Natalie Baldwin

How has corporate work-life changed during a global pandemic

Chatting with Natalie was a fantastic conversation. Everyone needs great work buddies

Natalie and I were able to quickly bond working on large projects at work while simultaneously having young families.

In This Episode…

A discussion of work-life with a young family and how it vastly changed these last few years

  • [01.04] My intro to corporate America

  • [01.46] I Welcome Natalie Baldwin

  • [04.55] Natalie and I first meet

  • [08.04] 5 am start times

  • [09:48] Natalie’s job she interviewed for to start

  • [11.08] Corporate America before company laptops vs. now

  • [13.00] Walking into crucial conversations

  • [14.18] The joy of food trucks at the office

  • [18.46] Integrating work plus young kids needing to be somewhere

  • [21.00] Trusting a new childcare provider & when it doesn’t work out

  • [24.46] Back when most of us had a commute to prepare

  • [29.43] Getting to that next step up

  • [40.00] We’re all going through video calls with life in the background

  • [48.33] When the network goes down and they break out collateral binders

  • [50.35] The ins and outs of the badge entry

  • [55.08] Natalie’s Favorite La Croix flavor

  • [60.00] Favorite corporate-speak phrases

  • [75.00] Common virtual work phrases everyone knows now

  • [85.00] Work relationships aren’t as organic & being intentional

  • [1:04.00] Advice and final words from Natalie

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Episode Length: 144 minutes

Thanks so much for tuning in. Join us again next week for another episode!


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"If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you're already a success." - Jack Canfield

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