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Lancelot's Roundtable Podcast is

a place to practice the act of laying down our arms. An open space to lay down weapons of the mind, heart, and soul that keep us from learning how to step forward and reach for the light. In these STORY AS TRUTH episodes, you'll find you're listening to real everyday people, sharing real everyday stories that have helped them find truth straight from the story of their lives. 

We're so glad you're here!

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Lancelot's Roundtable podcast is a new Columbus Ohio podcast. This real stories podcast with real people brings true talk podcast episodes to a whole new level. Listen in order or jump around to topics that interest you. Don't forget to leave us a kind review so more people can find the show. Thanks for visiting
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Hey I'm Lance!

and I usually never miss a chance to bring laughter or curiosity to any conversation.

I'm excited you're here!

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Lance is a blogger and podcaster encouraging authentic manhood and inspire others to be a listener and a learner in the things we don't yet know about

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